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  • Technology Spotlight – Birst Marketing Analytics Demo

    Sponsored by: Birst  | Premiered: Jan 10, 2017

    For marketers and sales leaders, good data and analytics tools are essential. But there are many available on the market – and it's difficult to make a decision based on what you haven't yet experienced. Inside, view a demo of Birst's marketing analytics tool, which can help improve visibility into channels, sales performance, and more.

  • Tapping the Power of Data Analytics Acceleration

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation  | Premiered: Aug 24, 2016

    In this short video, John Fowler, Executive Vice President at Systems Oracle, discusses how companies can tap into the power of data analytics with exciting new technology.

  • The Next Security Frontier: Automation, Things and Intelligent Machines

    Sponsored by:  | Premiered: Apr 24, 2017, 08:15 EDT (12:15 GMT)

    Stay on top of the current cybersecurity landscape and join us for this live virtual conference on June 27th.

  • Oracle's Software in Silicon Technology: Data Analytics Accelerators

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation  | Premiered: Apr 24, 2017

    In this webcast, learn how Oracle's Data Analytics Accelerators (DAX) help to maximize the effectiveness of your data analytics technology – ultimately leaving you with valuable insight 6x faster.

  • How to Secure Your Digital Experience

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation  | Premiered: Apr 19, 2017

    Managing identity and access and understanding an individual in context is crucial to obtaining trust in today's constant drive towards adding value and driving innovation in today's IT landscape. Learn how to gain trust, and avoid losing it overnight, in today's threat landscape

  • Aerospike Database: Powering Business Moments with Real-Time Insight

    Sponsored by: Aerospike  | Premiered: Apr 12, 2017

    Watch this brief video to learn how to generate key insights for real-time decision-making and revitalize your database systems by rethinking both operational and analytical data architectures.

  • PPM for Streamlined Product Development: Video Demo

    Sponsored by: Innotas by Planview  | Premiered: Apr 21, 2017

    Watch this brief video to learn about a portfolio management platform that helps streamline product development from ideation through launch. You'll discover key features that enhance pipeline prioritization, capacity planning, and resource management.

  • Secure and Govern Workloads and Infrastructure with Policy

    Sponsored by: Apcera  | Premiered: May 26, 2016

    Learn how to make policy management effective by building it around the workload, the 4 key areas where organizations need security policy, how to use automation to enforce policy, and more.

  • Understanding AIOps & Probable Root Cause Analysis

    Sponsored by: Moogsoft  | Premiered: Oct 12, 2016

    Algorithmic IT operations (AIOps) is being combined with probable root cause analytics to deliver a new approach to root cause analysis. Download this webinar to learn about this new approach, why it is important, and how to utilize it to meet your IT needs.

  • Keeping Up with the Evolution of Security Operations Centers

    Sponsored by: McAfee, Inc.  | Premiered: Apr 19, 2017, 01:13 EDT (05:13 GMT)

    Your security operations center (SOC) is the backbone of what keeps both your data and your network safe with a centralized and consolidated cybersecurity incident prevention, detection and response capabilities. In this webcast, learn the pitfalls of a weak SOC, as well as how SOC infrastructure has changed and improved in recent years.

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